A RE/MAX Report

A representative study on housing conditions and the cost of living by RE/MAX Europe, conducted in 16 European countries, reveals that 61 percent of Europeans own the property they live in. More than one-third of the 8,000 Europeans surveyed state that they live in an owned house, whilst 25 percent live in an owned apartment. The majority of homeowners can be found in the UK, the Netherlands and Italy. Meanwhile, people in Switzerland, Germany and Austria prefer to rent. On average, 40 percent of household net income is spent on housing.

The most heterogeneous picture of Europe is drawn when it comes to who people share their home with. The majority of Europeans lives with a partner, children or their parents. 15 percent live on their own, especially in Sweden, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In Slovakia and Turkey, less than 5 percent of those surveyed live on their own.

On average, Europeans would spend a maximum of 39 percent of their net income on housing. So it seems that Europeans have already reached their limit when it comes to housing costs. But looking closer at the details of the survey, it shows that Europeans would be willing to pay a little more if they were to receive better living conditions in return.


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A RE/MAX Report