Europeans only move four times in their lives

According to a recent survey on housing conditions in 16 European countries conducted by RE/MAX Europe, moving apartment or house is a rare event among most Europeans. On average, Europeans have only moved four times in their lives. This is not just a phenomenon among younger people: the older generation – aged 50 and above – have moved only five times on average according to the survey findings. Almost a quarter have packed their boxes more than six times, whilst 15 percent have moved just once. Those who rent an apartment or house have moved significantly more frequently than those who own: five versus three times.

How often Europeans move

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“Compared to Canada or the US where people move quite often, Europeans like to stay in one place longer and only move if living conditions change, for example if they get a new job or there’s a new addition to the family,” says Michael Polzler, Managing Director of RE/MAX Europe. “However, there seems to be a difference between countries in northern Europe and those in southern and eastern Europe: while Spanish, Slovak and Polish people only move twice on average, Finnish, Swedish and Swiss people move three times as much.”


Europeans only move four times in their lives